Jones Day Law Firm Adds 51 New Partners

WASHINGTON — The global law firm Jones Day has announced that the following 51 lawyers listed below have been admitted to the Firm’s partnership effective January 1, 2024.

“The promotion of these new partners reflects Jones Day’s ongoing commitment to developing and advancing lawyers throughout the world who have achieved the highest levels of professional accomplishment and who are devoted to advancing and protecting the interests of our clients and the institutional values of the Firm,” said Gregory M. Shumaker, Managing Partner of Jones Day.

The list follows:

  1. Catherine E. Arney, Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation, New York
  2. Sarah Batley, Global Disputes, London
  3. Joseph J. Boylan, State Attorney General Enforcement Investigations & Litigation, Los Angeles
  4. Richard M. Brodsky, Business & Tort Litigation, Detroit
  5. Katie Brown, Corporate, London
  6. Caitlin K. Cahow, Business Restructuring & Reorganization, Atlanta & Chicago
  7. Daniel Chaney, Global Disputes, Perth
  8. Zhaoxia Chen, Corporate, Düsseldorf
  9. Benjamin Chouka, Corporate, Irvine
  10. Diana Y. Defino, Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation, Pittsburgh
  11. Kyle A. Diamantas, Health Care & Life Sciences, Miami & Washington
  12. Benjamin L. Ellison, Business & Tort Litigation, Minneapolis
  13. David J. Feder, Issues & Appeals, Los Angeles
  14. James Fidler, Global Disputes, London & Singapore
  15. Brian R. Grady, Corporate, Cleveland
  16. Kenneth M. Grose, Business & Tort Litigation, Columbus
  17. Brian K. Grube, Antitrust & Competition Law, Cleveland
  18. Jonathan D. Guynn, Business & Tort Litigation, Dallas
  19. Christopher A. Hall, Business & Tort Litigation, Chicago
  20. Odeshoo Hasdoo, Antitrust & Competition Law, Chicago
  21. Lillian He, Global Disputes, Shanghai
  22. Deborah R. Huerta, Real Estate, Chicago
  23. Yury Kalish, Intellectual Property, Washington
  24. Anne Kerneur, Corporate, Paris
  25. Michael W. Kobb, Financial Markets, New York
  26. Dustin M. Koenig, Business & Tort Litigation, Columbus
  27. Guillermo E. Larrea, Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection, Mexico City
  28. Enrique A. Lemus, Labor & Employment, Dallas
  29. Brinton Lucas, Issues & Appeals, Washington
  30. Mohamed Mahjoubi, Energy, Dubai
  31. Aaron S. Markel, Labor & Employment, Detroit
  32. John J. Nogueras, Financial Markets, New York
  33. Giuseppina Pagano, Financial Markets, Milan
  34. Claire Pauly, Global Disputes, Paris
  35. Flavia Poujade, Real Estate, Paris
  36. Blanca Puyol Martínez-Ferrando, Corporate, Madrid
  37. Justin T. Roland, Corporate, New York
  38. Matthew Rubenstein, Issues & Appeals, Minneapolis
  39. Jason P. Samblanet, Financial Markets, Cleveland
  40. Natalia Sauszyn, Financial Markets, Paris
  41. Emily Brandes Sawers, Corporate, Minneapolis
  42. James R. Saywell, Issues & Appeals, Cleveland
  43. David Schindelheim, Corporate, Cleveland
  44. Krunal P. Shah, Financial Markets, Atlanta
  45. Thomas L. Short, Financial Markets, Atlanta
  46. Brian W. Sullivan, Financial Markets, Pittsburgh
  47. Joseph C. Van Asten, Business & Tort Litigation, Dallas
  48. Geoffroy van de Walle, Antitrust & Competition Law, Brussels
  49. Caroline O. Van Wagoner, Business & Tort Litigation, San Diego
  50. L. Matthew Waterhouse, Tax, New York
  51. Robert A. Watts, Securities Litigation & SEC Enforcement, Atlanta

Jones Day is a global law firm with more than 2,400 lawyers in 40 offices across five continents.

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